I believe in fashion 

Soooo I never in my life thought I’d write a blog about how I feel with regards to fashion, but things change hey, or maybe not; things unveil! 

During my teenage years, I’ve always had this liking for fashion, or more so I didn’t know what to call it then! I just somehow desired to express myself through my clothes, the way I wore! How I looked on that day would definitely determine how I felt from the start of the day ‘morning’, but because I wasn’t paying close attention to the trends, they slowly faded, however I believe the hype is back again, full force this time! 

Sooo, fashion is real

I am saying this because we revolve around fashion, we breath fashion, we wear fashion! It might not be the trends that have been set by the society around us, but trust me, we all want to look a certain way, feel a certain way, and portray a certain type of image to others! We all want validation in one way or another and because of that, we find ourselves doing what others think is right, instead of what we strongly believe in! 


So, in this journey that we are going to be embarking on together, I want you to remember who you are, what you want, and how you can best express what you want by the way you look?  


The day I came to a realization that God is with me, was the day my chains of fear and uncertainty fell of! It was like I had become a new person! A person of great character, a person who was made fresh by God, and most importantly, a person who solemnly depended on God 

I’ve been in situations where my own thinking was too limited to solve a problem, but God saw me through! 


God is amazing

I’m actually watching the Mandela’s “Long walk to freedom” movie and there’s so much to learn in the movie. 

When President De Klerk shed tears after his inauguration ceremony saying God has called him to save South Africa. I found this so amazing, the way God can put someone in authority just for a specific purpose! De Klerk didn’t rule for long in South Africa, but he changed the whole nation and the generations to come by just one thing: Obeying God. 

Reminds me of King Cyrus in the bible, he was set for such a time that he may release the Israelites out of bondage! And I guess South Africa relived history! South Africa relived the Bible, and South Africa made a clear confirmation that the bible is relevant in everything everywhere… 

Be a generation changer, doesn’t matter how difficult it looks, or how many people are not going to agree with you. Stand firm in what you believe in 

#God #Leadership #Motivated #itspossible

~Xongi Ngobeni~


Reaction Counts 

I don’t understand how people interact with others. I believe in thinking about the way you treat others and how you would want them to treat you even before you react to any situation. 

I’ve realized the importance of what Paul mentioned “be slow to speak and slow to anger but fast to listen” and I believe that even when he wrote this to the church, he knew there was something called reflex, or adrenaline or a quick reaction to situations. He knew we were humans and would haphazardly respond to anything at that particular time, but he he still have the advice. 

I believe it’s wise enough to keep quiet about something until the time is right to speak about it and address the issue, when you have cooled down preferably. I’m saying this now because God just dropped this in my spirit. We often grieve the Holy Spirit by small things that seem insignificant and yet become very significant before God. We might not be perfect by our own works but God has made us perfect and we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

This is my heartbeat right now and I believe it’ll be a heartbeat in thousands of other people out there… It can be done 



I woke up and looked to the mirror this morning, trying to see the reflection of me. I so desired to have a glimpse of the inward reflection of myself, mainly on how I feel. It’s said to be very easy to determine how you feel “personally” than to determine how someone else feels, but I’m beginning to realize that it’s all the same. 

It’s all the same because you also have questions of who you really are, why everything is happening, and what you have to do to make it better. It’s a struggle, I know. A battlefield of the mind can take captive of what you think and believe, thus causing you to think of being defeated. 

But you know what: There’s this still small voice inside of me that keeps telling me to cast every burden to God. He’s literally role playing the way I should do it, acting it out for me just so I understand the depth of it. ” It sounds very cliche” he said, “but it’s the best solution you can ever get”. 

I’m shocked at what I see and hear now because the expectation of this was never there… That’s just how we allow ourselves to be overruled. We stick to what we think of ourselves that even when someone higher than us, our creator, thinks the best of us, we just don’t believe him. 


When all hell breaks loose

The mind is a very busy organ, maybe because God made it the most important one.. It drives you towards thinking of things you’d be delighted to blot out, causing a battlefield of the mind in just two seconds. Some things just need to be left untouched right? 

The more you try and bury every thought of hurt and disappointment, the more you find yourself meditating on them continuously. Dissecting every part of the   Issue and trying to find a solution. 

Well, what if I say, sometimes you feel like there’s just no solution, but there always is: God. He knows anything and everything about all of it. He’s the beginning and the end remember?   
I’m sure even after I reminded you of who knows best, believing it is hard. There’s this thing called a cliché, maybe you think it’s one of those but it actually isn’t. 

My life was built on the status quo. I never allowed myself to go an extra mile into believing that someone greater than I am, fully has my back. I wanted to do things on my own, be my own boss, but God made me realize the harm I continuously created for myself. How I’d hurt myself every single day crying about what I thought couldn’t be changed. Yes, it might be impossible for us to rewind time but it definitely isn’t impossible for God to heal your heart. He can do it, even now, but only if you let him.  

It all started in the battlefield of the mind. 


Expectations (A giver/stealer) 

Every been in a situation where YOU think you would handle the situation in a certain way? A way that seems best to you? Well, you somehow get to a point where you think, “the way I do it is the way everyone does it”. 

Because you think like that, expectations grow. It happening the first time doesn’t mean it’ll happen the second time, or even the third. It sounds like a gamble, I know; but it actually is (with people though). 

We human beings usually get hurt because of a reaction that someone expressed towards us that we wouldn’t have desired to encounter.

The bottom line is, expectations towards people STEAL your joy. They just discourage you over and over again. They make you think of ways to even change them, or maybe instil a new doctrine (Your doctrine) for them to live upon. 

But an expectation is are not just a stealer, it’s also a GIVER, depending on who you channel it to: God. Faith is a fruit of expectation, and because God never disappoints not wants to see you joyless, he’ll provide according to your expectation/faith. It may take long, but it’ll surely come. 


Working towards the ultimate goal

In my previous blog, I stated how one works hard to achieve their dreams. I actually realized that as much as we have our own dreams to get to, we tend to sacrifice so much to get there. Well, sacrificing what weighs you down is not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the way we trample on others, the way we kick others down as we climb the ladder of success, the way we just want to be the only successful people in the universe; that’s just selfishness. That’s a heart filled with greed and shamelessness. 

We make success look very dreadful to acquire because of the way we interpret it. Remember when Jacob had to work to get Rachel? He got Leah in return and had to work for seven more years to get what he wanted. That was all because Lot wanted to benefit big time. He didn’t even care how Jacob felt when he had to work for seven more years. Yes he was determined, that’s why he did it. But in his heart, he was filled with disappointment, pain, hurt, bitterness, and guilt. And guess what, Lot was having the time of his life. 

Can we please not allow ourselves to be the Lots of today: Let others suffer while we look at them sweating in pain. In our road to the ultimate goal, let’s please not trample on other people’s feelings. God said we need to demonstrate “love” right? Is that too much to ask from you?